Configure Trunc Logging Platform on Windows

Trunc is a logging platform that allows you to consolidate all your logs into one location. To use it, you have to configure your system / applications to push logs to the platform. This guide will show you how to do that on a Windows OS.

Install The Trunc Windows Agent

We built a light-weight agent that will collect and push all your logs to the Trunc platform. To get started, download the Windows agent from your dashboard. This agent will encrypt your logs using the key provided using AES 128.

By default, the installer will download into your Downloads folder. And the configuration file will be found here C:\Program Files\Trunc.

Tip: The agent will pull the computer hostname. If you have not given it something you will recognize, we recommend setting this before running the app so that you can easily identify it in your hosts list in the dashboard.

Open your command prompt as an administrator (not running as administrator will fail the installation).

Navigate to your Downloads folder:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads

Once in that directory, confirm the version of the downloaded executable. In this instance I have the trunc-logging-agent-0.1.exe so I will run the following command to start the application:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads>trunc-logging-agent-0.1.exe -h [ip-issued-in-dash] -P [port-issued-in-dash] -k [key issued in dash] -S
2022/08/15 10:25:27 DEBUG: On main2() starting...
2022/08/15 10:25:27 DEBUG: On main() starting->argc!=2: 8...
2022/08/15 10:25:27 DEBUG: On main() starting->before getopt...

You will then start the Trunc service with:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads>net start TruncSvc
The TRUNC service is starting.
The TRUNC service was started successfully.

And set the service to auto start on reboots:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads>sc config TruncSvc start= auto
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

That's it, give it a few minutes and you should see see your computer hostname appear in your dashboard.

Remove The Trunc Windows Agent

Remove the Windows agent via command prompt as well.

First, stop the service:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads>net stop TruncSvc

Then stop the service:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads>sc.exe delete TruncSvc

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