All your logs. One place.

Troubleshoot errors, detect attacks and solve compliance requirements with Trunc. Keep all your logs, easily accessible, with full-text logging search.

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Consolidate all your logs in one location. Supports all server distributions (i.e., Windows, Linux, etc). Agent-less and Encrypted agent options available.

Log Management Simplified.


Access your logs from anywhere, at any time. Logs can be searched and analyzed by all team members.


Lightweight secure agent and Agent-less options available. We support syslog, web puts and provide an open-source agent for Windows, Linux and Macs.


Consolidating logs into one central location is critical to staying compliant with industry regulations.


Math degree NOT required to figure out pricing. Simple flat fee based on storage required. Unlimited users. Unlimited servers.


A Google for your logs. Quickly parse and analyze all your logs in one instance.


Storing and analyzing logs is a critical piece of most regulations (PCI-DSS, GDPR, CIPA and others).

Trunc is logging.
Made. Simple.

No more looking at multiple locations, running grep,cat and logging into different servers to find what you need. With trunc, all your logs can be in one place. Real time logging storage and searching with Trunc. As soon as the logs are sent to us, they are stored, indexed and categorized for easy search and troubleshooting.

Logging Compliance & Regulations

PCI Compliance
Learn how Trunc helps satisfy PCI requirements (10.0).
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Compliance Regulations
Learn about logging requirements in different regulations.
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ISO 27001 Compliance
Learn how Trunc helps satisfy logging requirements in ISO 27001.
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