Trunc Pricing
Simple. Affordable. Log management.



  • Ideal for: 10 - 20 servers
  • Volume: 250 MB / day
    (up to ~500k logs / day)
  • Retention: 3 months
  • Log analysis, correlation, real time view and search.
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  • Ideal for: 20 - 500 servers
  • Volume: 2 GB / day
    (up to ~4m logs / day)
  • Retention: 3 months
  • All from Basic + API access.
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  • Ideal for: 500+ servers
  • Volume: 5 GB / day
    (up to 10m logs / day)
  • Retention: 3 months+
  • All from Pro + Longer retention
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Trunc Features Include

Centralized Logs

All your logs in one place.

Search & Filter

Quickly, and efficiently, parse massive log repositories.


Store your logs as long as you need to, 30 days to 1 year.


Extract intelligence from your logs, make sense of what is happening.

Multiple Sources

Platform agnostic, leverage existing log synchronization tools (rsyslog, syslog, OSSEC).


Easily interface with the platform via our Application Programming Interface (API) - Pro+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Trunc was to provide a simple, easy to use, but affordable log management platform. To achieve this we needed a simplified billing approach. Unlike others in the space, we don't bill for ingress and data storage. Instead, we choose a very simple flat fee that takes all the guess work out of the equation. We do this by focusing on the total volume data collected in one day.

First, we do not stop collecting your logs because of overuse. Instead, we will engage with your team to better understand needs and work to get you on the right plan. We understand that it's not always easy to know your exact volume needs, and they can change daily, which is why we monitor the total usage on a monthly basis and look at the monthly usage as a whole when calculating if you need to change your plan.

Every plan has a minimum of 30 days of retention. The enterprise plan offers options to increase to more months as required by your specific organization.