Trunc is log management simplified.

There is more to logs than just storing them. With Trunc, we try to give you context and more information about each log. That allows you to better detect attacks, troubleshoot problems and audit what is happening with your network and servers. From sysadmins to sysadmins.

Trunc - Data Utilization Report

Consolidate all your logs in one location. Supports all server distributions (i.e., Windows, Linux, etc).

Why We Created Trunc

Tired of Grep

We love grep, but when you have multiple systems to manage and GBs of logs, grep just isn't fast enough. Trunc was built to solve our own problem where we wanted a simple solution that we could push our logs for long term storage, log-analysis and log-based intrusion detection. We built our own "Google" for logs with Trunc.

On top of that, we added an engine that correlates requests, add Geo information, blacklist details and turns each log into more actionable events.

Other Expensive Options

We had a need for a solid log management platform, but all the current options were just too expensive, with unclear pricing and too convoluted. We built Trunc to be simple. Our pricing is simple.

Who We are

Bootstrapped Team

Bootstrapped and proud. We are a very small team, but a team with a passion for logs. Daniel Cid, one of our founders is the original developer and founder of OSSEC. Together with Tony, our other founder, they have built multiple platforms that were heavily reliant on logs - Sucuri (A WAF/Remediation product), CleanBrowsing (A DNS Resolver) and NOC (A WAF/CDN service). Together they have many years of experience with networking / security, with a very weird passion for logging.

Scalable and fast

Our size is a huge advantage, we're not bogged down by the needs of investors or the complexities that big teams bring. Instead, we have an opportunity to focus on the simple problem of log collection and the more complex problem of log intelligence. Trunc is being used by some big organizations, including the CDN and the CleanBrowsing DNS service - that alone generates over 100,000,000 logs per day.

Excellent support

Ever try to get a hold of support at a big corporation? Here at Trunc, our size plays a huge factor in our ability to provide exceptional, timely, support. You can expect to hear directly from our developers and the founding team. If you need something, we will help you setup and make it work. Give it a try.

Simple, affordable, log management and analysis.