Trunc supported logs

Our system is designed to handle and support any type of logs. Our receiver end point will parse and analyse any content sent to us and store on our full-text database, making them readily available.

We have custom rules for a variety of popular log sources and our team can quickly develop custom rules for any log format as needed.

Supported logs:

Linux syslog: Logs from /var/log (auth.log, syslog, messages, dpkg, etc).
Web server: Logs from Apache, Nginx, HAProxy, tomcat, PHP, Python and many web applications and servers.
Linux iptables: Firewall logs.
Router logs: A variety of routers and firewalls are supported (checkpoint, cisco, PIX, netlink, etc).
Windows logs: All Windows event logs are supported.
IDS logs: IDS and IPS logs are supported (snort, suricata, etc).
OSSEC logs: OSSEC alerts are supported.

And those are just some examples. Try it out for yourself with our free trial or contact our support team at if you have any questions.

Simple, affordable, log management and analysis.