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Web Interface for OSSEC

The OSSEC HIDS platform is a popular log collection and analysis platform, this article shows how you can implement a web interface for the OSSEC platform.

Posted in logging   ossec   ossec-wui     /   2022-10-03

OSSEC for Website Security - Logs and Integrity Checks

How to monitor website logs with OSSEC HIDS.

Posted in logging   ossec     /   2022-08-12

OSSEC - Detecting New Files with syscheckd

How to detect new files using OSSEC HIDS and the syscheck module (both in batch and in real time).

Posted in logging   ossec     /   2022-06-02

Configure OSSEC on Linux Distributions

We are big fans of OSSEC and on this guide, we will show you how to configure OSSEC on Linux Distributions with some automation scripts.

Posted in logging   ossec     /   2022-06-02

OSSEC - Troubleshooting Agent to Server Connection Issues

How to troubleshoot connectivity issues between the OSSEC Agent and Server.

Posted in logging   ossec     /   2022-06-02

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