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Detecting Web Attacks via 404 Errors in Your Logs

This article highlights the importance of logging, and shows how DevSecOp teams can use logs to understand what bad actors are looking for across their web assets.

Posted in log-analysis   security-research     /   2022-10-13

The Mozlila User Agent Bot

The mysterious Mozlila User agent bot - attempting to compromise sites.

Posted in user-agents   security-research     /   2022-10-13

SQL Injection Attack Log

Trunc provides a list of SQLi attacks in the wild. Honeypots records over 900 SQL injection attempts.

Posted in security-research     /   2022-10-13

Log Analysis: Investigating a Hacked Linode server

Investigating and recovering a compromised Linode server running WordPress and latest Ubuntu.

Posted in security-research   log-analysis     /   2022-10-13

The Cisco Hack - Tracking the Attack Through your Logs

Cisco Compromise - Insights from Cisco and the trails the attackers can leave in your logs.

Posted in security-research     /   2022-10-13

Brute force attacks against Windows Remote Desktop

In this article we breakdown Brute force attacks against Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) that have been happening against our server on Azure.

Posted in security-research   log-analysis   windows-logs     /   2022-10-13

Log Analysis: HTTP Flood - DDoS analyzed

Analysis of a HTTP Flood - DDoS - that happened against a site that we were monitoring.

Posted in security-research   log-analysis     /   2022-10-13

Vulnerability Scanner Logs: Zed Attack Proxy - ZAP

This article shares the logs generated by the OWASP ZAP application security testing tool (vulnerability scanner).

Posted in security-research   scanning-logs     /   2022-09-16

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